Anime-style renditions of Indonesian dishes satiate virtual appetite

Several appetizing anime-style illustrations of Indonesian cuisine have gone viral on social media, garnering thousands of approving responses from famished netizens.

The series of food illustrations, originally drawn by local artist Alfeus Yuliant Christie, was made popular by Twitter user Indro Moektiono, who posted the artworks on his page @indiedo.

“These aren’t screenshots from any anime or any Ghibli movie. These are masterpieces made by Indonesian illustration Alfeus Christie,” Indro wrote in his tweet, alongside Alfeus’ immaculate renditions of famous Indonesian dishes such as satay, chicken noodles, soto ayam (chicken soup with noodles) and martabak (stuffed fried pancakes).

The tweet has since garnered over 10,000 likes and 8,000 replies.

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