Netizens politely educate 'health-conscious' French girl on why hawkers don't care about organic ingredients

Faced with tight profit margins, mounting costs of ingredients, and high rentals, you’d forgive local hawker centre vendors for not caring about the sustainability and eco-friendliness of their food sources.

Organic farming practices? Free-range? All things that are just not ingrained in our food culture. Unfortunately, an anonymous French exchange student at the National University of Singapore who was blissfully unaware about it had to experience the wrath of a chicken rice seller after she tried to ask a couple of confronting questions about the sources of the ingredients. 

In a post on the NUSWhispers confessional Facebook page, the self-proclaimed “health-conscious” French student shared a “bad experience” at one of the stalls on the National University of Singapore campus. 

What she apparently did was order a plate of chicken rice before probing the seller about its ingredients.

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